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SUPREME air filter permanent washable reusable furnace ac WITH FREE


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Thank you for shopping with BuyFiltersOnline! 28 years in the hospital, pharmaceutical, industrial & commercial air filtration industry, then we also joined Pricetronic 17 years ago as one of the very first and still the BEST home air filtration sellers! Keeping Pricetronic buyers happy since 1999! Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction! Great products and trustworthy service as proven by our 37,000+ positive feedback score! Are you tired of going down the filter aisle at your local "Big Box" store or "Home Improvement Warehouse" and realizing that you forgot what size filter you use?  Or, if you do remember which size you need, they do not have any on the shelf?  Save yourself all of the hassle, trouble and grief buy getting our SUPREME LIFETIME washable & permanent pleated air filter!  Save tons of money, time, and hassle with this one simple purchase.  Piece of mind, KNOWING YOUR FILTER WILL NEVER AGAIN need thrown in the trash and replaced is WORTH EVERY PENNY! PLUS A FREE BONUS GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE! SUPER DUTY - PREMIUM QUALITY SUPER DUST GRABBING MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH! Just our way of helping you keep dust and allergens out of your home and giving you added value!  Nearly 2 feet across diagonally / HUGE 16"x16" dual sided for both scrubbing and polishing! WE ARE THE ONLY SELLER WITH THESE IN STOCK.  ORDER FROM ANYWHERE ELSE AND IT WILL TAKE ABOUT A MONTH FOR YOU TO RECEIVE THIS FILTER! ORDER FROM US AND IT SHIPS OUT THE SAME OR THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY BUY HERE, GET IT FAST & GET A GREAT FREE BONUS GIFT TOO! NOTE: AS WITH ALL FILTERS, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE MARKED WITH A SIZE, THAT IS THE "NOMINAL" SIZE OF THE FILTER AND THEY ARE ALWAYS SMALLER SO THAT THEY FIT INTO A HOLE OR SLOT OF THAT SIZE PRINTED ON THE FILTER. For example, if you measure the opening on a typical furnace it is usually the full dimensions of, for example 20x25.  Thus, the filter must be slightly smaller in order for it to fit into that hole or slot of that size.  This is normal and standard in the filter industry, but I must mention it to avoid any issues or confusion.  All filters, just like ANY FILTER YOU MEASURE ON THE SHELF AT ANY STORE will be smaller than the size printed on them.  Some companies undercut their filters by about 1/4th of an inch and are typically too tight and have to be smashed into place or do not fit some units at all.  Other companies (the most standard) undercut by 1/2 of an inch.  This leaves a very slight 1/4th of an inch on either side when the filter is centered and in place and you split the difference.  MEASURE YOUR CURRENT FILTER OR OPENING TO CONFIRM, BUT THESE ARE DESIGNED TO FIT MOST UNITS AT 1/2" LESS ON THE ACTUAL SIZE.  Example:  All filters marked and printed with 20x25x1 will actually measure slightly less at about 19-1/2 x 24-1/2 x 7/8 so it will fit into a hole / slot that measures a full 20x25x1. WHAT MAKES THIS YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR A PERMANENT WASHABLE FILTER ON ALL OF Pricetronic??? OURS ARE PLEATED! As with any good filter designed for long life (just like air filters used for cars, or in hospital surgery rooms or even in industrial plants) they utilize a "PLEATED" design for 2 reasons. #1.  That gives you more total surface area for all of the dust and dirt to collect on before it gets clogged up.  These filters have 40% to 50% more total surface area due to the pleated design.  For example, if you use a 20x25 filter that (20 multiplied by 25) equals a total of 500 total square inches of space to use a filter in your unit.  But, when they pleat the material, it ends up (if you flattened it all out and re-measured) being a total of around 500 + up to 50% more which is around 750 total square inches!  It virtually turns a 20x25 filter into almost a 20x38 filter!  As you can guess, that large of a filter means it takes a lot longer to get clogged up and need cleaned or changed. #2.  The second reason for pleating the filter material is that it allows for much more air to flow through the filter with MUCH less restriction.  Airflow restriction can be very harmful to your home furnace, air conditioning, ventilation unit if it is too high!  Common sense tells us that the fan and electric motor in your unit must use a lot more electricity if it has to work harder to suck the air through the filter!  THESE FILTERS HAVE SUPER LOW AIRFLOW RESTRICTION which means it is very easy on your unit AND YOUR UNIT WILL RUN MUCH MORE EFFICIENTLY at heating and cooling your home or office.    (Yes, these can also be used in commercial / industrial applications, they are that sturdy and strong!) OTHER WASHABLE FILTERS: Most other brands offer a cheap to manufacture and cheap design with a simple "Flat Panel" filter design.  This leaves you with super high airflow restriction and needing to clean / change filters very often.  Not to mention, your unit must work a lot harder to pump out the warm air in the winter and the cool air in the summer.  Their cheap design, cheap filter actually costs you 10 times more in the long run! OURS ARE MADE WITH 100% ALUMINUM FOR THE METAL FRAME AND GRIDS! This is a very important aspect for a washable and permanent lifetime filter!  As you may know, certain types of metal can rust, corrode and degrade over time.  This is especially true when the metal will be exposed to repeated and multiple washings.  Wet and dry / wet and dry over and over means you MUST HAVE A HIGH GRADE AND MORE EXPENSIVE TYPE OF METAL IN YOUR FILTER SUCH AS ALUMINUM!  Both the front and back grids as well as the entire outer frame and perimeter are 100% high grade aluminum in our filters!  THIS COSTS US A LOT MORE to build our filters this way, but we only offer the very best for our customers.  Aluminum can be cleaned and can be used / classified as for use with "food-stuffs" due to it's ability to be cleaned and it is also non-porous.  SUPER LONG LIFE, ABILITY TO BE CLEANED THOROUGHLY ULTRA DURABLE! OTHER WASHABLE FILTERS: In an effort to cut their costs and maximize the profit they make off of unknowing customers, they use extremely cheap and low cost GALVANIZED STEEL!  Galvanized steel surfaces are porous and rough, which eventually will hold and accumulate bacterial growth and contaminate with the off-shedding of microscopic and large particles.  Still have doubts?  Stick a magnet on the competitions filter, it will stick like glue, proving it is cheap Galvanized Steel that will and does corrode, become chalky and rust over time! OURS ARE MADE WITH A HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL GRADE "PPI" FOAM WHICH IS SUPER DURABLE! This material gives you a perfect balance between filtration efficiency and high airflow to allow your unit to run at its maximum potential and save you money on your energy costs!  While the best filtration comes from high MERV rated filters, that can be too much air restriction for some units.  These filters strike the perfect balance with 10 times better filtration that flat panel fiberglass "throw-away" style filters found in hardware stores for around $1.00 or $2.00.  In the engineering world, they measure airflow restriction in "W.G." which stands for "Water Gauge".  These filters have a rating of 0.05 W.G.  That is 5/100ths which equates to the same as 1/20th.   This is a SUPER LOW NUMBER FOR ANY TYPE OF FILTER AND MEANS AIR CAN FLOW THROUGH THE FILTER EXTREMELY EASY!  That is one of the most sought after attributes of any air filter.  You WANT MAXIMUM airflow and these filters deliver that! OTHER WASHABLE FILTERS: Most all other washable filters on the market use a cheap and highly air restrictive basic polyester filter pad!  Just like if you tear open a cheap children's Teddy Bear or a dog toy, you will find that EXACT SAME EXTREMELY LOW COST WHITE POLYESTER FIBER FILL material.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, the same stuff you find in a cheap $2.00 pillow from a discount store.  They simply use about 10 cents worth of that material and slap a cheap Galvanized Metal frame around it and call it a great washable filter???  WHAT???  Amazing once you gain the knowledge how different products can be, even if priced very similar.  THE WORST PART is that they "claim" an airflow restriction of 0.12" W.G.  BUT THEY LIE!  (Sort of, but I call 1/2 truths a lie, don't you?)  Just the poly fill material in the 1" thickness in the filter industry / engineering data from all manufacturers shows that that center polyester filter material by itself is 0.12" resistance which is over DOUBLE the AIRFLOW RESISTANCE AS OUR FILTERS!  But wait, there's more, they also add 2 more layers of plastic screening material and steel grids on front and back of the filter.  So, when they say their resistance is 0.12 (which is already DOUBLE our air resistance) they are not adding in all of the restriction added by 2 layers of expanded metal screening and also 2 layers of tight knit sheeting.  IF THEY TOLD THE TRUTH, I WOULD EASILY GUESS THEIR RESTRICTION AT NEARLY DOUBLE WHAT THEY ACTUALLY CLAIM!  (Even what they do claim is already over DOUBLE our restriction and they are not adding in for 4 more total layers of junk they put into their filter!) OURS ARE MADE IN A USA FACTORY, BY USA WORKERS WITH ALL USA MATERIALS! There is not a lot more to elaborate on that point.  It's quite simple.  Money from the USA is being used to run a factory to pay USA workers, to provide products to the USA.  With every filter sold, you and I both help more American's keep their jobs and keep an American factory in business.  Keeping American dollars here instead of losing dollars to other foreign lands, never to be seen again. OTHER WASHABLES (NOT ALL BUT A VAST MAJORITY) ARE MADE IN MEXICO, CHINA and/or South Korea:  Years ago when I started in the filter business, it was an assumed fact that filters for use in the USA would be made in the USA.  This was thought to be due to their size compared to was thought it was always too expensive to have them made elsewhere and then shipped into the country.  (If shipping costs more than the product, it doesn't make sense to have a product be made in foreign countries.)  However, more recently with other countries willing to make cheaper and cheaper products and poverty level wages for their workers, we are now seeing more and more air filters being sold on Pricetronic that are from Mexico, China and several other places.  QUICK FINAL NOTE:.....we still make a better product and sell it for less! BuyFiltersOnline offers you: THE VERY BEST FILTER DESIGN! HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS! GREAT FILTRATION! HIGH AIRFLOW FOR A SMOOTH RUNNING UNIT! 100% USA MADE WITH 100% USA MATERIALS! IN STOCK! FREE RUSH SHIPPING! WANT MORE?  OKAY...HOW ABOUT A FREE BONUS GIFT TOO! Please see all of the pictures at the top left of this listing!  For a limited time, we are including a premium high-grade super duty microfiber dusting and cleaning cloth with each purchase!  These are great for MANY uses, including general dusting around the home, lint free glass and mirror cleaning, buffing and polishing automobiles and much more! Benefits: BUYFILTERS

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SUPREME air filter permanent washable reusable furnace ac WITH FREE SUPER CLOTH
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